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We are launching new Content Management System called as MukeCMS.


Apart from normal features of content management system it includes features like :

  • • All pages given in MukeCMS are SEO friendly.

  • • Dashboard - MIS which automatically generates statistics it reflects as soon as user logged in.

  • • Menus - Top Menu can be easily managed and edited. We have separated Top Level and Sub Level header menu to avoid misinterpretation.

  • • Content - Dynamic URLs are generated by users as per the requirement. One Click Add - pages are dynamically added to your website. 

  • • Testimonial - A sliding testimonial on frontend seeks the confidence of your customer.

  • • News - Gets the world to know about your company updates, growth and activities.

  • • Banner - Catching attention of internet users to your key products and services.

  • • Video - Guidance, Overview, Demos, Presentations all can gain attention of your customers.


These are some of the features of MukeCMS. For further enquiry and information stay tune with .


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