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Laravel is a free PHP framework used for small to enterprise class scalable web application development. It is one of the top 5 popular php frame work. Laravel is first php framework with architectural model MVC type i.e. Model - View - Controller. Laravel is popular for its dignified and striking syntax. Its easy programming syntax and targeted application functionality make job of developers way more easy. It provides streamlined web development pattern, clear conventions about problem solving ability and easy to implement repetitive programming tasks. Most of the websites have specific sets of functionality (for example data validation etc) and a framework helps you in not doing it again and again.

Laravel is an unrestricted framework which helps you to develop large and scalable php website. High utility and outstanding features make Laravel highly used php framework.

Laravel, created by Taylor Otwell in 2011, has well served the goal it was created for i.e. making small to large scale application using MVC model.

Laravel is popular among php developers for its abundant features. Some of them are...

  • It comes with timely modular packaging system with a classic dedicated dependency manager.
  • Laravel uses categorical methods for accessing database via routing.
  • Availability of multiple modules makes development faster.
  • Laravel framework has kind of extra utilities that excels tasks such as maintenance and application development.
  • The goal of this framework is easy syntax.
  • As compare to other php frameworks, Laravel enjoys more benefits and reasons when it’s about easy to use interface for effortless authentication process.

Most of the companies prefer Laravel technology when it comes to user-friendly features and high code readability. The primary reason, Laravel is favourite of novice to seasoned web developers is they do not come across the irritating spaghetti coding because of Laravel's trouble less syntax.

Affordable cost of dynamic, complex and scalable web application is another reason why companies are inclined to choose Laravel framework. Laravel offers high routine performance which improves a profitability of a company. Companies using Laravel framework services are Wattpad, Gitlab Engine, Webrazzi, Digital Doorbell, Bold Commerce, Snapwidget, Abacus, Payzip, Moltin.

Laravel developers can offer wide range of application solutions such as....

  • Custome web application development
  • Applcation structure to boost SEO performance
  • Online high performance and profitable e-commerce solution
  • Configuration of other services which are based on API
  • Cloud CRM solutions
  • Multilingual Web application
  • Payment Getaway Integration.