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Every year Apple comes up with new iteration of iPhone, latest being iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. iPhone 5S is a significant upgrade from iPhone 5 whereas iPhone 5C is a low-cost device with same hardware specification iPhone 5. Being on the neutral position let us weigh upon the pros and cons of an iPhone.






iPhone has a clean and consistent user interface. It has a tightly knit ecosystem. The latest version iOS7 has completely revamped the UI, starting from lock screen, extending it to icons of default apps, system fonts, status bar indicator and much more.

iPhone application development is so strong that its App Store has over 9,00,000 applications. Apple has a strong security in place for the apps that are published on its App Store. It takes almost four days for a developer for the app to get approved by Apple. This reduces the risk of malwares and virus attack.

The screen on iPhone boosts of Retina Display i.e. it is sharper than human eye can discern. In terms of promotional aspect – it is crisp, clear and bright with no over-saturation while watching movies or browsing the web.

iPhone is weighs just around 112 grams. Once in pocket it is many times forgotten it was there. Despite the low weight, the phone still feels substantial in hand.

Camera on iPhone is, by all means, a triumph of hardware and mobile application development working together. It has a 10-frames-per-second blazing-fast Burst mode option. Other features of camera include panorama, high dynamic range (HDR), optical image stabilization (OIS). There are seven after-effect filters which can be later shared on social media.




Web browsing on iPhone do not support flash content. Videos supported by flash player can only be viewed on YouTube.

Off contract, iPhones are generally priced a bomb for the latest model. They are always about 20-25% above the market price of the premium flagship devices by other companies.

iPhone comes only with static storage, which means user cannot expand it beyond the space available in the device. Once you run out of space, the only other option apart from deleting stuffs is to buy a new iPhone. However, iPhones have been providing sufficient storage to avoid such situations.

Apple maps are a step backwards in the iPhone application development. They have left users lost, turned them into wrong directions and just exasperated in general.

The aluminum back case of iPhone is susceptible to scratches and scuff marks.

For half a decade, Apple has made just one iPhone a year and each one was one of the best of the season. iPhones are what we want most of our phones to be – compact, premium quality, some improved features and an operating system that works well for children, teenagers and adults. As long as cash keeps pouring for Apple, it can play its own games and make its own rules. What next iPhone might just bring up, nobody knows but it will definitely stir up some new things.

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