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Mukecms - Content Management system is a framework where users can add, manage and publish further content to website as well as maintain it from a central interface. Usually a CMS consists of 2 elements, CMA – Content Management Application and CDA – Content Delivery Application.

MukeCMS has following features attached with it.

Mukesoft - IT ConsultantsUnlimited Pages

Mukesoft - IT ConsultantsCustomize Menu Names & Links

Mukesoft - IT ConsultantsLevels of Sub menu

Mukesoft - IT ConsultantsCustomize Footer & Links3

Mukesoft - IT ConsultantsSEO Friendly URL

Mukesoft - IT ConsultantsUpdate URL

Mukesoft - IT ConsultantsUpdate Meta Tags

Mukesoft - IT ConsultantsSettings

Mukesoft - IT ConsultantsTestimonial

Mukesoft - IT ConsultantsNews

Banner Module

Mukesoft - IT ConsultantsBackup

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MukeCMS Frontend
MukeCMS Admin Panel

Admin Login Details:

Username admin
Password 123456

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Why choose MukesCMS?

MukeCMS framework has been developed keeping in mind the needs of our existing clients.

Mukesoft - IT Consultants Responsive CMS – Compatible on Mobile, Tab, Notebook, Desktop devices.

Mukesoft - IT Consultants One Click Page

Mukesoft - IT Consultants No Software Development Cost

Mukesoft - IT Consultants Manage testimonial

Mukesoft - IT Consultants Minimum Maintenance Fees & Resource will be available to do changes.

Mukesoft - IT Consultants We are charging only Rs. 2000 per month..

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