JSP Website Development

Java Web Development

Java as a programming language has remarkable footprint in various aspects of web development as most widely used web technology. The simplicity of this component-based model is that it is combined with the cross-platform power of Java, which allows a web development environment with enormous potential.

JSP has following features:
  • JSP technology follows the write once run anywhere rule which is the basic of the java language.
  • JSP uses a combination of tags and scripting to create dynamic web pages.
  • JSP pages make use of JavaBeans, RMI objects, EJB components, DBC objects all are reusable.
  • Constructs for accessing server-side objects.
  • Allows to separate presentation logic (html/code) from business logic (java code).
  • Modifications will be reflected without re-compilation and re-loading.

Why MukeSoft for Java Website?

Our JSP developers has over 13+ years of experience on JSP technology, so we can provide you the best services that you expect from us for your website. JSP websites are easy to develop and maintain as well, so it is beneficial to both developers and clients. 

Execution is fundamentally better in light of the fact that JSP permits inserting Dynamic Elements in HTML Pages itself as opposed to having separate CGI records.

JSP pages can be utilized in blend with servlets that handle the business rationale, the model bolstered by Java servlet format motors

In addition, Java Server Pages also provides full power of Java technology to be used in online web application, so that all the APIs and building blocks in JSP programming including loops statements, decision making etc. So, ultimately your website can be dynamically created using JSP.

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